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Corporate Wellness On-Demand

Who we are

One Touch Spa is the result of 10 years of experience in the wellness industry guided by the most innovative technology.

Our company connects professionals therapists who provide services such as Massages, Reflexology and Facial Massages. We serve corporate functions, parties, weddings, events, brand activations, and hundreds of other events. Our goal is always customer satisfaction.

Why use One Touch

We understand that quality of life is essential for human development.

Researches indicate that currently, more than 70% of professionals suffers from some type of stress-related illness.

One touch was born to increase accessibility of wellness professionals and simplify booking and scheduling experience.

What do we want

Que você tenha uma vida mais saudável e que isso reflita positivamente nas suas ações do dia-dia, no trabalho, em casa e na vida social.

Increase the energy and well-being of your employees with one of our therapies today.

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© One Touch Spa - All rights reserved.
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